Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Open Letter to the Corporations of America (1969)

Today, March 22, 1969, in the Washington office of the Dow Chemical Company we spill human blood and destroy files and office equipment. By this action, we condemn you, the Dow Chemical Company, and all similar American Corporations.

We are outraged by the death-dealing exploitation of people of the Third World, and of all the poor and powerless who are victimized by your profit-seeking ventures. Considering it our responsibility to respond, we deny the right of your faceless and inhuman corporation to exist:

You, corporations, who under the cover stockholder and executive anonymity, exploit, deprive, dehumanize and kill in search of profit;

you, corporations, who contain (or control) Americans and exploit their exaggerated need for security that you have helped create;

you, corporations, who numb our sensitivity to persons, and capitalize on our concern for things.

Specifically, we warn you, Dow Chemical Company, that we will no longer tolerate your refusal to accept responsibility for your programmed destruction of human life.

You, stockholders and company executives alike, are so willing to seek profit in the production of napalm, defoliants, nerve gas, as in the same spirit you co-operated with the I. G. Farben Company, a chemical manufacturer in Nazi Germany, during the Second World War.

You, who without concern for development for other nations or for their rights of self-determination, maintain 100% control over subsidiaries in more than twenty nations.

You, who in the interest of profit, seek to make it in the military interest of the United States to suppress the legitimate national desires of other peoples. Your product is death, your market is war.

Your offices have lost their right to exist. It is a blow for justice that we strike today.

In your mad pursuit of profit, you and others like you, are causing the psychological and physical destruction of mankind. We urge all to join us as we say "no" to this madness.

(Signed) Rev. Robert Begin, Rev. Bernard Meyer, Rev. Joseph O'Rourke, S.J., Rev. Dennis Maloney, Mr. Michael Sasaki, Rev. Michael Dougherty, S.J., Sr. Joann Malone, SAM, Rev. Arthur Melville, Mrs. Catherine Melville.

Statement of the D. C. 9


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Kentar1948 said...

It is with head hung low and deep regret that I must report that nothing has changed. Here it is 2007 and they are still placing their bottom line their cash flow above life and well being of anybody except themselves.

Today in Canada our government has chosen to use our own Tax dollars to defend the Chemical Industry against to very victims who paid them taxes.

I am talking about the CFB Gagetown New Brunswick and the 28 year spraying of Dioxin and Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) contaminated chemicals for defoliation. This was to include 1.3 million liters and over 2 million pounds of contaminated chemicals identical to what the USA was using in Vietnam, used on trees wile the soldiers were in the field or were ordered in shortly after the chemicals were used.

I know that it doesn’t sound like much when you stack up the chemicals used in Vietnam against what Canada used but it must also be realized that Base Gagetown is only 427 Square Miles and only 80% of that was forested (341 sq. mi.) and was sprayed over and over again for over 28 years. Some areas as often as every second year.

Cpl. Kenneth H. Young CD (Ret'd).