Tuesday, October 09, 2007

China: forgotten biowarfare victims

"...In China, hundreds of victims of biological warfare are still suffering from painful wounds, more than 60 years after their villages were attacked with anthrax, glanders and other biological weapons agents.

Beginning in 1932, the Japanese Army developed and tested biological weapons in occupied Manchuria, the northeastern part of China. In 1936, they built a huge laboratory complex in Ping Fan, a small village near the city of Harbin. This unit became later known as Unit 731 and operated until the end of war in 1945.

In Ping Fan, the Japanese army developed and produced in huge quantities biological warfare agents such as the causative agents of plague, anthrax, typhus and many others. Also a broad variety of delivery systems were developed and tested, from porcelain bombs to plague-infected fleas. A most gruesome aspect of Ping Fan were the human experiments. Several thousand prisoners were tortured and killed in the death laboratories of Unit 731, not only to test biowarfare agents, but also to pursue other medical research. Not a single prisoner of Ping Fan survived..."

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