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the global clampdown

Pre-emptive arrests the global norm as Pakistan becomes world blueprint
The term pre-emptive arrest is a new term for law enforcement which  had rarely if ever been heard of before. It  means arresting a person who has not committed a crime, but that might commit a crime.

The arrest and incarceration of citizens who have not committed a crime in a free society is suppose to be illegal and unconstitutional. But a new strategy which is just beginning to appear world wide is apparently taken from a page out of the Bush Administration's new strategy toward suspected terrorists, except now it is being applied to civilians on peaceful demonstrations, protests and now even gatherings.

Nearly every country in Europe has now passed some kind of Pre-emptive Arrest law. In the UK there are several Acts which provide powers to the police to act in a pre-emptive manner.

Examples can include prolonged, incommunicado detention without judicial review; risk of subjecting to torture during the transfer, return and extradition of people between or within countries; and the adoption of security measures that restrain the rights or freedoms of citizens and breach principles of non-discrimination, freedom of movement and freedom of association.

Nations are adopting the Bush doctrine:
If someone was too perceive a possible threat from someone they should be arrested and detained even if they had done nothing wrong and there was no proof that they were going too.

The fact of the matter is that what is commonly known as the Bush Doctrine is a doctrine that has been used for thousands of years by despots and dictators all over the world. Either for more control over their population or in their conquest for more power and territory. This was in fact the same Doctrine that Hitler used when he invaded Poland. Hitler told the German people that Poland was a threat to Germany and wanted to attack them. That was the big lie Hitler told the German people to take them to war with their neighbour and the start of Hitler's grab for more countries to rule.

That was Hitlers Doctrine that is now called the Bush Doctrine. Hitler saw a threat from Poland {even} though it was only in his mind and he acted to prevent it, even though it didn't exist anywhere but in his mind. That was his reason to invade and build an Imperial Germany and the start of World War II, the same doctrine that Bush and Blair used to invade Iraq.

However, lets not stop here. This was also the Doctrine that Hitler used as his excuse to round up all Jews and put them in Detention Camps, which became Concentration Camps. He saw the Jews as a serious threat to the purity of the German Race through the marriages of those of pure German Descent and those of Jewish Blood. He also considered Gypsies, Blacks and Jews as being inferior to the German Race and treated them as such. And so from the Concentration Camps he moved the Jews to the Gas Chambers and than the Crematoriums. We all know what took place after that as it is well recorded.

Now if you don't think this can happen here your wrong. Under the Terrorism Act, Serious Organised Crimes & Police Act (SOCPA) or the Serious Crimes Act you can be arrested without a warrant and detained. Ah you say, at least you still have a right to a lawyer and a hearing before a court to argue for your release and to know what you were being charged with. But NO, now that's no longer available.

In the US, Under the Military Commissions Act or the Patriot Act you can now be labeled an enemy combatant, arrested and detained without a right to Habeas Corpus. Or what that simply means is you no longer have a right to an attorney or a hearing before a court of law.

In both countries legislators have stripped centuries old embedded principles out of the Constitutions that dated back to the Magna Carta. They have given Bush in the US and Brown in the UK the same powers that Adolph was given by his Legislatures.

Remember that if you speak out against these policies all their propagandists scream that your giving aid and comfort to the enemy. That your unpatriotic, putting the civilian populations at risk, close to committing an act of Treason or maybe even a traitor.

But this is not just confined to the US and the UK. Right across the free world, the western world, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the whole of the European states are all adopting the same laws and policies.
In most countries in the Middle East and South East Asia, Russia, China and India pre-emptive arrest is already part of daily life.

If this was happening in one or two countries, one could consider that it was coincidence, but watching it happening across the best part of the globe one has to draw the conclusion that this is a conspiracy, and a concerted effort to undermine freedom and impose dictatorial authoritarian governments.

One other thing to notice which goes hand in hand with pre-emptive arrest laws. Those who participate in legitimate protest are no longer being referred to as lawful opposition, you will see it always changes to the term 'political dissidents', which in effect places a criminal perception to something which should be lawful.

Don't for one minute believe that the imposition of martial law and the suspension of the constitution, the round up of lawyers and judges as we have seen in Pakistan can never happen here, because the laws to allow it are already in place.
What we have seen in Pakistan over this past week is sure to follow in the most 'liberal' of free nations very soon. Pakistan has set the global ball in motion.

One day very soon, we will all wake up to opposition politicians and lawyers being arrested, their constitutional and legislative 'reform' work having been done, judges who will not comply with new martial laws arrested and removed from office, and academics who have been behind much of the indoctrination and think tanks, policy units and charities will all be rounded up. Their work is now nearly finished, and once civil liberties are suspended they become the threat rather than the helpers.

Bloggers such as myself and many other Libertarian voices will be silenced and disappeared, the internet will no longer chatter with words of opposition, because across the new Europe, there can be no opposition, no dissent, no disobedience.

You have until the day the Lisbon Treaty is signed. The final constitutional and legal hurdle to the Empire of Europe.

It is not clear to what extent Orwell believed his work was prophetic.

His character O'Brien described his view of the future of the world:

"There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face …for ever." (Part III, chapter III)
Do you see NuLabour, corruption and power, the Health & Safety Stasi, smoking ban, alcohol limits, fox hunting, driving, Christmas being banned, thousands of other stupid bans, and diversity training in this description.?

This is in stark contrast to Orwell's own forecast in the essay England Your England, as seen in The Lion and The Unicorn (1941):

"The intellectuals who hope to see it Russianised or Germanised will be disappointed. The gentleness, the hypocrisy, the thoughtlessness, the reverence for law and the hatred of uniforms will remain, along with the suet puddings and the misty skies. It needs some very great disaster, such as prolonged subjugation by a foreign enemy, to destroy a national culture. The Stock Exchange will be pulled down, the horse plough will give way to the tractor, the country houses will be turned into children's holiday camps, the Eton and Harrow match will be forgotten, but England will still be England, an everlasting animal stretching into the future and the past, and, like all living things, having the power to change out of recognition and yet remain the same."
The EU had planned for this, and have over the past 30 years systematically destroyed England, its steel and coal industries, its manufacturing, its farming, its fishing, no English Assembly with England divided into Regions, reducing the UK Parliament into a talking shop with nothing to do but pass European laws.

However, the geopolitical climate of Nineteen Eighty-Four is strikingly similar to Orwell's summary of the ideas of James Burnham, in the essay 'James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution' (1946).

"These people will eliminate the old capitalist class, crush the working class, and so organize society that all power and economic privilege remain in their own hands. Private property rights will be abolished, but common ownership will not be established. The new ‘managerial’ societies will not consist of a patchwork of small, independent states, but of great super-states grouped round the main industrial centres in Europe, Asia, and America. These super-states will fight among themselves for possession of the remaining un-captured portions of the earth, but will probably be unable to conquer one another completely. Internally, each society will be hierarchical, with an aristocracy of talent at the top and a mass of semi-slaves at the bottom."
Think NuLab, Quango's, HIPs, Common Purpose, Northern Rock, Iraq, and the continual requests for an extension to pre-charge detention, already the longest period in the 'free world'..

There are many theories floating through the Media and blogs at the moment, some are suggesting New World Order, some Eurabia, others suggest global Catholicism under the Pope, even a resurgence of Communism, but one thing that is common to all of the theories is that we are heading into a world of Authoritarianism.

As a Libertarian I find this totally abhorrent, and will fight it with every fibre of my being.
I will fight for and protect My Life, My Family, My Home, My Village, My Country.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, and which ever God you choose to follow, may he be with you when this evil transition begins.
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