Saturday, November 17, 2007

'Declassified from Star Gate - Remote Influence Techniques'

From the Transcendence Remote Viewing blog:

Here at Transcendence Remote Viewing, one of the maxims that we teach in our London-based  weekly Transcendence Remote Viewing Workshops is:

“Anyone under your influence, is also under your protection.”

This is for very good reasons that I won’t enumerate here, suffice to say that your Remote Influence session will have substantially greater results, orders of magnitude greater if you follow this guidance; you will also disconnect and shield yourself from deleterious side-effects (and I’m not talking about new age fluffy after-life promises of deific judgement or retribution.)

On to the document, here you will find 14 training procedure points from a Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Cognitive Sciences Laboratory memorandum on work by Dr. Dolin on Remote Influence experiments.

Happy non-local influencing!


Declassified SECRET Remote Influence Techniques



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