Sunday, October 07, 2007

EU accession a boon for witches?

From Ananova:
"... Romanian witches are carving out a lucrative new business - concocting spells to help locals get EU grants.

Until now the country's witches have confined themselves to love potions and spells to get cows to produce more milk.

But the EU expansion has seen funding for new projects flood into the country and now locals hoping to gain a slice of the action are turning to witches to boost their chances.

[ ... ]

Witchcraft is a recognised profession in the new EU state and witches say they have adjusted their services as entrepreneurs turn to potions and spells to get the money they want.

Witches say that with entry to the EU and rights for homosexuals guaranteed in legislation, more and more gay men are also turning to them for help.

Witch Margareta from Pitesti said: "I have come up with a lot of new spells to help men to get together or for men to gain more feminine features. ..."

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